About Us

Delta Nu Alpha is distinguished professional fraternity committed to the advancement of logistics and transportation. As a non-profit organization founded in 1957, our overarching mission is to foster an elevated understanding of logistics and transportation within our membership. We aspire to cultivate a profound appreciation for logistics professionals as influential catalysts in industry and commerce, while promoting ethical standards among individuals engaged in transportation and logistics management.

With an extensive presence encompassing over 100 active chapters and a vast network of accomplished alumni across the United States, our esteemed members hail from diverse backgrounds. These include transportation companies, logistics firms, government agencies, academia, and professionals ranging from truck drivers, railroad conductors, airline pilots, shipping clerks, warehouse workers, to supply chain managers.

At Delta Nu Alpha, we are dedicated to providing an array of benefits to our members, including unparalleled networking opportunities with like-minded logistics and transportation professionals. We offer an extensive range of educational programs and resources to enhance knowledge and expertise in the field. Additionally, we proudly extend scholarships to aspiring students pursuing careers in logistics and transportation, and we foster a sense of camaraderie through engaging social and recreational activities.

If you seek to delve deeper into the world of Delta Nu Alpha and its profound impact, we invite you to peruse our comprehensive By-Laws.